June/July 2012 Contest Winners at The Cigarmy

OK, everyone.  The entries are in, assembled, and a winner determined for our June/July Contest here on The Cigarmy!  Thanks to everyone who participated, and to all CRA members out there for supporting the CRA in protecting our freedom to enjoy a cigar.  And a special thanks to Brian Berman and CRA for providing the sampler to be given away.  I continue to be impressed by the amount of progress being made through this organization.  We all need to keep doing everything we can to support the effort at hand – signing petitions, joining and supporting CRA, and contacting the appropriate elected officials to ensure our voices are heard.  Make no mistake about it, if we all remain silent our pastime will become a thing of the past.  If you missed it, I posted a press release from IPCPR earlier this week concerning the latest representative to sign on as a cosponsor of H.R. 1639 – Heath Shuler of North Carolina. That brought the total cosponsors to 210 of the 218 necessary to hold a majority of the House of Representatives.

Now, on to the topic at hand and the announcement of our winner.  I received quite a few submissions for our contest, some of which had only recently joined and did not yet have a card in hand – which is great that we continue to see good numbers of supporters joining the ranks.  You can find an album of the entries that included a picture below.  I compiled a list of all the entries and numbered them in the order they were received.  I then submitted the list total to www.random.org to generate a truly random number (based on atmospheric noise, if you can believe that). The number returned was “4,” which corresponded to Andrew Kerr.  I have contacted Andrew, and the prizes will be headed his way ASAP.  As for the other bonus sticks from my personal stash, I have received notification from three folks who joined using me as their referral – Darren B., Jason B., and Garrett N.  I’ll be getting their cigars to them this week as well.  If I missed anyone, please let me know and I’ll get that taken care of quickly as well.

Again, I offer a big, heartfelt thanks to everyone who supports CRA, Brian Berman, and each of you who take the time to stop by The Cigarmy.  I hope you’ll continue to do so in the days ahead as I try to build something useful for us all.  Tune back in later on in the week, as I’ll be posting at least two new reviews – one for a cigar just brought to market, and another as of yet unreleased but soon to debut.  I think you will all be interested in that one.  Y’all have a great week!