The YJ/Y200K Giveaway winner!

Good morning everyone.  I hope this Friday finds you doing well, and that you’ll all be able to enjoy some fine smokes this weekend.  I just wanted to let the cat out of the bag and announce the winner of our May 2012 giveaway.  My very tired, very dirty Jeep did indeed make it over the 200k hump, and is actually still kicking.  We crossed the line on May 19th, and my family thought me quite insane to pull over and take pictures of the blessed event…but many people have that opinion of me, so what’s a few more?  According to my records that makes John C. the winner!  I’ll be contacting John this weekend (I hope you used a valid email when you commented, John!), and finding out which prize he’d like to have.  Thanks to everyone for playing along and humoring the silliness.  We’ll have a new giveaway for June, so check back in during the next week to see what we have in store.  I’ll be including a shiny new Cigarmy coffee mug with whatever other goodies we can come up with, so you can be reminded to check around here each morning…

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