What’s happening to The Cigarmy?

Where have I been?  Where is The Cigarmy headed?  Why have there been no posts in the past month?  Well, the answers are manifold.

Firstly, I’ve had some fairly serious health issues arise.  What began as a semi-routine visit to the doctor for some headaches and vision anomalies turned into a diagnosis of a brain tumor.  Never fear….the chance of the type I have being malignant is very remote.  A little surgery and lot of medication should clear it up to a manageable level.  None the less, it has consumed a great deal of my time these past few weeks.

However, that’s not the main reason for the lack of update here.

There was initially some talk of going the other way – to use The Cigarmy domain as our point of release.  But, it did not make sense from a technical standpoint.  It is simply easier to migrate written blog posts than audio streams, the forum, and some custom post formats.  Sometime this week, I will be forwarding the good bits of The Cigarmy to halfashed.com, so if you have any pages you want to bookmark you should do that sooner rather than later.After a great deal of plotting, planning and consternation, my Half Ashed co-host and I have decided that we will be consolidating The Cigarmy and Half Ashed into a singular media outlet.  All the important historical articles from The Cigarmy are being imported into the Half Ashed site, and the remainder of posts here will remain in perpetuity as an archive (use the search function from the menu bar if you are looking for something specific).  However, all cigar news and reviews going forward will only be posted at halfashed.com.  This process has already begun – so if you hadn’t previously figured this out head over there and check out the most recent posts.

We believe that this consolidation will create a much lighter work load for me, and make way for more dedication to developing a few new features that have been put on the backburner because there have been two sites to maintain.  This will also give Cigarmy readers a few new fun things right off the bat – today.  If you visit Half Ashed and create a user profile, that profile gives you the ability to hang out and chat during the show each week, as well as forum use.  A single profile provide access to all three.  If you’re logged into the site, you are connected to both chat and forum as well.  It might take a few minutes after registration for it to become active, but after that you’re good to go.  If something is amiss, drop me a line at kip@thecigarmy.com and I’ll get you all fixed up.  Thanks for checking in, and I look forward to hearing from you on the other side!